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Travel Medicine Evaluation

For any travel outside the US a travel medicine evaluation is necessary. Travelers may be
exposed to health hazards. This specific travel medicine evaluation is an opportunity to
determine what the potential risks are and to provide immunizations and self-care strategies.
Each travel consult includes a personal health assessment and the most current information on
health risks to countries on the itinerary, as well as an immunization review to update any

vaccinations. Travelers in the tropics may need advice about malaria or yellow fever, or the risk
of infections with the Zika virus. Prevention is also part of the consult; for example, traveler’s
diarrhea can be prevented and treated if it does occur. Other topics for discussion include
personal safety issues such as insect avoidance, the risks for blood-borne illnesses and
sexually-transmitted infections, and environmental issues including motion sickness jet lag, and
the potential for blood clots in the leg. The Clinician will provide specific written information, If
prescriptions are required, those will be taken care of during the visit and all will have
instructions on the bottle or container. The Clinician will provide an immunization record and
printed information of precautionary measures. They will also review this material with the
patient during the visit.

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