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Pulmonary Function Tests

The spirometry or pulmonary function test is done in combination with the basic physical to
determine if an employee is physically capable of wearing a respirator.  The employee will be
given a medical history and respirator-usage questionnaire in compliance with Cal-OSHA Title
8-5144.  The physician will complete a Respirator Compliance Letter indicating whether the
individual is medically cleared to wear a respirator.
The physical exam and PFT test is recommended by our Medical Director to be included in a
baseline respiratory compliance examination.   They are not required, however, per OSHA
guidelines.  The minimum requirement per OSHA guidelines is to have employees complete the
OSHA respirator questionnaire and have the questionnaire reviewed by a physician.  The
physician may then either clear the employee to wear a respirator or recommend additional
testing based on the responses to the questionnaire which may include either or both of the
above tests. 
Individual costs or respirator questionnaire only can be provided.

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