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Hearing Test/Audiometry

We can conduct audiology screenings as a baseline for noise exposed workers.   We can also
conduct annual screenings as part of a hearing conservation program for employees that are
exposed to over 85 decibels per eight hour time weighted average. Our Medical Director can
compare annual audiograms to prior year’s testing and calculate age adjusted threshold shifts
and changes from year to year.   Medical surveillance services identify workers, at an early
stage, whose exposures to certain work place hazards may result in undesirable medical

If an age adjusted threshold shift from baseline is identified of 10 decibels or more, it is
recommended that the employee be retested in 30 days to see if they still have the shift.  If they
do, at your company’s request, our medical providers can perform a history and physical exam
documented on a doctor’s first report to determine if the shift is related to industrial or non-
industrial causation and whether it should be recordable or not.

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