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Asbestos Physical Exams

Per California Code of Regulations – Title 8, Section 1529 pertaining to asbestos, asbestos
examinations should be conducted when an employee is assigned to an area where the
asbestos exposure may be at or above the permissible exposure limit for 30 or more days per
calendar year, or engage in Class I, II, or II works for a combined total of 30 or more days per
year, a medical exam must be given within 10 working days following the thirtieth day of
exposure at least annually thereafter.  The medical exam should also be given within 30
calendar days before or after termination of employment as well.  Basic physicals are done to
determine if an applicant is physically capable of meeting the requirements of the job.  For the
asbestos examination, we will also ask your applicant to complete a medical and occupational
history questionnaire which specifically pertains to issues related to asbestos exposure.  One
questionnaire is for initial assessment and a second questionnaire is used for annual exams.
The questionnaire is reviewed by the medical provider to keep on file as a baseline of the
applicant’s medical condition when they started to work with asbestos for your corporation. We
will record vitals, height and weight, test vision, test urine for protein, blood, sugar, and perform
an overall physical exam with specific emphasis on pulmonary, cardiovascular, and
gastrointestinal systems which can be impacted from asbestos exposure. Our medical provider
will either fully clear the applicant for the position or specify restrictions based on the medical
history and examination.  This will allow the employer to determine if reasonable
accommodations can be made in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  All
exams are in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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