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We offer a variety of services to our clients including

Experienced, Certified Physicians and Administrators

Our skilled professionals will be performing the testing and training services to keep your company in proper compliance with the latest OSHA mandated exams.


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About Us

Occupational Health Professionals

Since 2005 our staff has been providing quality medical care to its patients and employers alike. Mobile-Med Work Health Solutions is dedicated to preserving a safe work environment and improving existing programs and care for local, regional and national organizations.

  • We come to you:

    Our highly trained, proficient staff travel in one of our modern mobile units to train and test your employees at your facility. This convenient and cost effective method allows organizations to maintain a healthy and positive work environment without interrupting productivity.

  • A simple, efficient process:

    Experience, certified physicians and administrators perform testing and training services to keep your company in proper compliance with the latest OSHA mandated exams.

  • Occupational Health and more:

    Mobile-Med work health solutions can also provide a comprehensive thorough risk analysis by our CIH safety staff. These highly trained certified industrial hygienists can provide your company with the most thorough assessment of your employee's risks and exposures.

Need on-site testing or training?

From small start-up businesses to multi-location public corporations, there is no organization too big or small for us to partner with. Does your organization need testing? Request a quote or call us today at 650-429-8492.


Mobile-Med Work Health Solutions brings a fleet of medical units designed to provide on-site medical surveillance testing and quality care tailored to your employee's needs. we provide public and private business health services including drug screening, occupational medicine examinations, employee wellness checks and more.

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