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On-Site Occupational Medicine

Mobile-Med is more than onsite occupational health testing, we can also provide on-site clinics for your employees. We are a comprehensive solution to reducing healthcare and workers compensation burden costs for your organization. Whether you're a small company that only needs a clinic on-site one day a week, or a larger company with multiple locations mobile-med is flexible to meet those needs.


We offer a variety of services to our clients including

We Come to You

Mobile-med work health solutions provide on-site occupational health services by providing clinical staff that comes to your location and provides the medical care your company needs. Whether you have a one time need for testing or a routine scheduled visit Mobile-med is there to meet your need.

Onsite Medical

Many employers chose to have Mobile-med onsite regularly too! Monthly or weekly options are available to provide your employees with the most comprehensive employee health and wellness programs. Would you like to offer your employees the benefits of onsite medical care but don’t have the space or a workforce large enough to require a full-time onsite clinic? That’s not a problem, Mobile-med can staff a program for you specific to your needs, goals and workforce size. Our team can be onsite a few days a week or a few days a month we customize our programs to your needs.

Reduce Costs

Employers are increasingly turning to onsite clinics to help reduce costs and decrease out-of-work time. Through comprehensive early intervention programs, education and events as well as quality onsite healthcare for both primary and occupational health employers are seeing outcomes of:

•  Increases employee well-being
•  Reduces health care and transportation costs
•  Increases productivity
•  Optimizes care and avoids waste
•  Produces high utilization and satisfaction
•  Results in positive ROI


Mobile-med's staff came onsite for our engineers that were traveling abroad, taught us safety measures for our travel and gave us our vaccines and medication.  They are so friendly and professional!


Some of our staff hate getting blood drawn, our on-site nurse made them so comfortable, even let them lay down and distracted them.  Thanks for making this process so easy!

Stanford University

We needed immediate testing and Mobile-med was very responsive.  They took the time to give our employees personalized attention and make sure they communicated with our EHS staff along the way.


Super helpful and knowledgeable, thanks Mobile-med!


Frequently Asked Questions

How far will Mobile-Med travel to perform testing and training?

We have the ability to provide services to many areas regardless of location.  Depending on the project specifics, size and location we can provide a timeline and create a custom quote for your company.

Is there a set number of individuals needed to provide services?

No, there is no patient minimum needed for us to provide on-site services. All proposals bid on are based on project needs. Client proposal specifications set requirements for patient minimums or maximums.

How fast can you report drug and alcohol testing results?

Negative drug screens are typically reported in 24-36 hours. Positive drug screens are typically reported within 72 hours, but can take longer depending on the availability and responsiveness of the donor. Alcohol testing results are instant.

Can your mobile units visit multiple locations for one company?

Yes, many of the organizations we service have multiple locations based in multiple states.

Are your mobile medical services available on weekends?

Mobile-Med work health solutions services are available 7 days a week based on the need of the client.

About Us

Occupational Health Professionals

Since 2005 our staff has been providing quality medical care to its patients and employers alike. Mobile-Med Work Health Solutions is dedicated to preserving a safe work environment and improving existing programs and care for local, regional and national organizations.

  • We come to you:

    Our highly trained, proficient staff travel in one of our modern mobile units to train and test your employees at your facility. This convenient and cost effective method allows organizations to maintain a healthy and positive work environment without interrupting productivity.

  • A simple, efficient process:

    Experience, certified physicians and administrators perform testing and training services to keep your company in proper compliance with the latest OSHA mandated exams.

  • Occupational Health and more:

    Mobile-Med work health solutions can also provide a comprehensive thorough risk analysis by our CIH safety staff. These highly trained certified industrial hygienists can provide your company with the most thorough assessment of your employee's risks and exposures.  We also have staff certified ergonomist that can provide an ergonomic assessment if requested.

Need on-site testing or medical clinics?

From small start-up businesses to multi-location public corporations, there is no organization too big or small for us to partner with. Does your organization need testing? Request a quote or call us today at 650-429-8492.

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Mobile-Med Work Health Solutions brings a fleet of medical units designed to provide on-site medical surveillance testing and quality care tailored to your employee's needs. we provide public and private business health services including drug screening, occupational medicine examinations, employee wellness checks and more.

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